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Wheat germ oil 2 x 1 L in the group HORSE / Feedsupplements / Vitamins at Minerals by Nordic (2xVET-010)
Wheat germ oil 2 x 1 L
Wheat germ oil 2 x 1 L

Wheat germ oil 2 x 1 L

100% Wheat germ oil of the highest quality. Vitamin A-D-E and omega 3,6,9
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  • Information
  • 2 pack of our 100% pure cold pressed unrefined wheat germ oil of the highest quality. Natural source of vitamin A, D, E as well as vital fatty acids that the horse cannot produce itself. Wheat germ oil is rich in the fatty acids Linoleic and Linolenic acid and rich in Vitamin E (tocopherol + tocotrienols). There are positive effects of giving the oil for breeding horse as the vitamins & omega fats are important for the foals development. In case of problems with dull and lifeless coat, you can also see good results. If you feed a plastic roughage, the roughage drops nutritional content on vitamins and then it is good to add them in the feed state.

    VITAMIN A - Important for fertility.

    VITAMIN D - Important for immune system & skeleton. Supports the utilization of calcium.

    VITAMIN E - Acts as an antioxidant & is important for contributing to a dandruff coat and good overall health. Supports the utilization of Selenium.

    OMEGA 3,6,9 - Essential fatty acids. Good for cell development & function of the brain and nervous system. Provides calm energy to the horse.
  • Composition
  • Ingredients
    100% cold pressed unrefined wheat germ oil

    Analytical content
    A vitamin - 1,394 IU / g
    Vitamin D - 128 IU / G
    Vitamin E - 3.6 IU / G
  • Dosage
  • Horse - 30ml / 400kg body weight
    Dog - 2.5 ml / 10 kg body weight

    Number of doses per pack
    1000 ml - 33 days

    * 1 daily dose on the front label is calculated to feed 30 ml / day to a horse of 400 kg.
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