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When a horse sweats, it not only loses water but also important electrolytes, which are minerals that are important for maintaining proper electrolyte balances and normal body functions. Electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium, play a critical role in many processes in the body, including fluid balance, nerve impulses, muscle function, and acid-base balance. Rosehip powder provides flavor and contains antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C & E, good for protecting cells, the immune system and the skeleton.

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Elektrolyt Booster 1.5 kg
Minerals by Nordic
Elektrolyt Booster 6 kg
Minerals by Nordic
MG Control 4 kg
Minerals by Nordic
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When does my horse need electrolytes?
Electrolyte Booster can be given just before or after training sessions with sweat loss. Also good for horses that sweat a lot due to high summer temperatures or fever.
√ When exercising with high sweat loss
√ When outdoor temperatures are high
√ When tired and exhausted
√ When sweating due to fever
√ When the horse does not drink enough water

How do you get the horse to eat electrolytes?
The electrolytes mixed with the horse's concentrate or mash. Feel free to mix with water, we recommend mixing in mash. It is tasty and you can regulate with water if you want to give as a thicker porridge or with more water to get more water into the horses

How do electrolytes help the horse?
By giving the horse electrolyte supplements after sweating, you can contribute to restore the electrolyte balance and ensure that the horse receives the necessary minerals to maintain proper body function. Electrolytes help to restore the fluid balance in the body by facilitating fluid absorption and maintaining normal electrolyte levels. Water & salt It is important to note that electrolyte supplements do not replace water intake, the horse must as always have access to clean water. If, in addition to this product, you feed, for example, feed salt, it is recommended to review the totality of salt in the feed statement.