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Work of sustainability 

Sustainability throughout our whole company

We take responsibility for how our business affects society and the environment. 
Here's how we work with the sustainability of our company: 


√ Activ Mineral is a mineral blend based on organic minerals, contains partly organic certified ingredients and is completely GMO free. The product is free from fillers which means that you only need to feed a small dose, the product lasts for a long time.

√ We use cardboard boxes made of mostly recycled material. The cartons are FSC certified, they work to protect the forests to future generations. 

√ Our plastic packaging is non-toxic & food approved. Feel free to find a new use for the jar when you empty it on content, otherwise please recycle it. 

√ Our products have a long shelf life and stands for a short time on our storage shelf, which means that we never have to dispose any of our products. 

√ We try to teach our customers & followers about the climate benefit by reducing the grain feed rate and instead feeding a good roughage & mineral supplement. In this way you can save on the earth's resources, horsefeed often contain soy that is a raw material with a high climate impact.