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Feed supplements for horses - inflammation & performance

Why does your horse need Omega 3?
Inflaboost DHA is rich in Omega 3 from DHA. Omega-3 supplements are the key to a healthier and more vital horse. Promote your horse's health with anti-inflammatory properties, a shiny coat, a strong immune system, and much more. Research shows positive results of Omega 3 for horses with inflammatory conditions such as laminitis and EMS, as well as for boosting performance, circulation, and mobility in horses.

Horses cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids themselves and must obtain them through their diet. The source of omega 3 in Inflaboost DHA is a vegan microalgae with high potency in a low dose.

Inflaboost DHA contributes to:
Anti-inflammatory and supportive properties for muscles, joints, and tendons
Stronger immune defense and improved skin and coat quality
Increased concentration and learning ability

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Inflaboost DHA 0.8 kg
Minerals by Nordic
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Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag
Minerals by Nordic
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Inflaboost DHA 2 pack Refill bag
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FAQ Inflaboost DHA

What is Inflaboost DHA?
Inflaboost DHA is a dietary supplement for horses and dogs that contains 11% DHA, a high-potency anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid. Inflaboost DHA is produced from a pure, vegan microalgae that is microencapsulated to preserve its nutrients in the best possible way, thus extending its shelf life.

How should Inflaboost DHA be fed?
It can be fed as a cure or preferably continuously with a lower maintenance dose. It should be mixed into the daily grain or mash.

What is the shelf life of the product?
Products we have in stock typically have 1-2 years of remaining shelf life when sold. The product does not lose its effectiveness after opening, unlike other liquid Omega-3 supplements.

Does Inflaboost DHA have a waiting time for competitions?
No, unlike many other anti-inflammatory supplements, Inflaboost DHA is free from waiting time and can be used during competition.

Why do horses need Omega 3?
Many horse feeds contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, such as those from soy, corn, and rapeseed, but not enough omega-3 fatty acids, creating an imbalance. Omega-6 increases inflammation, while omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it's important to feed a high-potency DHA to supplement omega-3 in the diet. Horses cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids themselves and must obtain them through their diet.

How can Inflaboost DHA support horses with EMS and laminitis?
Research on horses with EMS that were fed DHA-rich microalgae, like Inflaboost DHA, showed that after 46 days, there were improvements in metabolism, insulin response, and reduced inflammation.

Users' experiences with Inflaboost DHA

Older horses
"Our horse Tage, 21 years old, has been eating Inflaboost DHA for over 1 year now and we notice that he is extremely fresh in his body. He is alert and happy to ride and no longer has problems with his joints, which he has had before. He feels better now than when he was 15 years old and that says quite a lot about what good health he is in now. Jumps with great flexibility and he still feels developable, despite his still old age. Boppen is 24 years old, he has been eating Inflaboost DHA for over 1 year and he feels much more relaxed in riding since we started feeding it. He is a pretty tense and nervous horse otherwise, but we feel that he keeps his focus better now. He is soft and nice in his body and is still in jumping training and jumping with great joy. We are so happy that Inflaboost DHA helps us and keeps the old horses so fresh. "
Anna & Emma Elfstrand - Youtubers

Saddle compulsion
"I give my mare Activ Mineral, MG Control & Inflaboost DHA from Minerals by Nordic. The minerals have given the horses improved fur, skin & hooves! The magnesium helps the nerve and muscle system for those horses with a lot of blood & nerves. But crucial for my immensely sensitive mare Martha is Inflaboost DHA, she easily gets stressed, excited and played with the nerves on the outside which is now experienced as more harmonious. Her saddle compulsion has completely disappeared since she started getting Inflaboost DHA and she is no longer as easily out of breath during hard training & competition and that she recovers faster after training & competition! I'm so glad I found Inflaboost DHA for her. It has also helped her keep her wieght and build muscle in a way that has never been done before with Activ Mineral, I'm so happy about that! "
Sanna Forsell - Showjumper

Laminitis & EMS
"When writing this I have soon been feeding Inflaboost for 3 months and I am incredibly happy with the result! When I started with Inflaboost, both my ponies were on box rest due to laminitis and the situation felt quite hopeless. They were in pain and not feeling well. One the pony also has mild problems with stiffness in his front knees that come and go and the other has had problems with the back muscles that have been shown by stiffness in the hind legs (the vet has not been able to make a diagnosis). But after almost 3 months with Inflaboost I can now with great pleasure to announce that both my laminitis ponies are not only done with the boxing rest, they go out on grass (!) about 8-10 hours a day, they gallop around and are more alert than ever. Their fat depots are gone, they have lost their extra kilos and the lymphatic system has started up properly. Absolutely unbelievable! Would not have gotten where we are today in such a short time without Inflaboost DHA. It feels like my ponies have gotten their lives back!
Paulina Tufvesson - Positive Reinforcement Expert

Performance & Mobility
"Inflaboost DHA Supplement is amazing! Since I started using Inflaboost I have felt several positive improvements by our horses! To mention some of them - they feel more relaxed (and especially the stallions less stressed and more concentrated), their movements feel looser and softer, their general well-being seems better and it really boosts their immune system!"
Jennifer Fogh Pedersen - International showjumper

"The effect of Inflaboost DHA is extremely impressive! On one of our mares I noticed a clear difference in flexibility and mobility - she gets to work much faster and better already during the warm-up, while another of our mares who had problems with galliga legs has gone to almost completely non-existent. We have a gelding with EMS where we also tested the product, and it is clear that his metabolism has improved significantly and that he looks and feels significantly better in the body! Definitely a product I recommend and will continue to use!"
Helle Pedersen - Danish Grand Prix rider

Learning Ability & Concentration
"Our pony Golden was in an accident a couple of years ago which made him occasionally not feel quite a hundred, we found the big problem and fixed it but since we added Inflaboost DHA he has developed something huge, he is so fresh and willing to work every day! He muscles better and has become more stable than ever in riding. Golden has not had the fastest learning of new things and easily stressed himself over the task. In recent weeks, his development and understanding really reached a whole new level and he is so much calmer. It was extra fun when we found the research on the connection between DHA and the brain's learning ability. We also have a Lippizian who for 10 years with us has been very spooky, stressed over new tasks and for example could not walk on the lower part of the riding arena without beeing spooky and pushing away from there, after a couple of months with inflaboost the problem is blown away without that we trained him in some other way with his confidence. "

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