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Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag in the group HORSE / BENEFIT / Hoofs | Kracked heel at Minerals by Nordic (INF-040)
Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag
Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag
Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag
Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag
Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag
Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag

Inflaboost DHA 4 kg Refill Bag

Multifunctional Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Supplement for Horses & Dogs
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  • Information
  • Inflaboost DHA is a completely unique anti-inflammatory supplement for horses. With Inflaboost DHA, the horse receives the important DHA fatty acid - Omega 3. Inflaboost DHA is completely free of withdrawal times compared to many other anti-inflammatory supplements.

    Supports your horse with:
    Anti-inflammatory and supportive properties for muscles, joints, and tendons
    Stronger immune system and better coat quality
    Increased concentration, learning ability, and recovery

    Why Inflaboost DHA?
    This product boosts the young horse, the competition horse, as well as the aging horse. Horses cannot produce Omega-3 fatty acids themselves and must therefore obtain them through their diet. Research has also shown good effects for skin problems, laminitis, and EMS. The source of omega-3 in Inflaboost DHA is a vegan microalgae.

  • Composition
  • Ingredients
    High-concentrated fatty acids, microalgae Schizochytrium, calcium carbonate

    Analytical content
    11% DHA, Crude protein 4%, Crude fat 80.4%, Crude fiber 0.8%, Crude ash 4%, Lysine 0.1%, Methionine 0.1%, Sodium 0.6%. Free from iodine.

    1 tablespoon = 0 grams of feed.
    0.11 grams of DHA per gram of feed.

    Does Inflaboost DHA have a withdrawal period for competitions?
    No, unlike many other anti-inflammatory supplements, Inflaboost DHA is completely withdrawal-free and can be used for competition.

  • Dosage
  • How do I dose Inflaboost DHA for horses?
    Pony: 1-2 tablespoons per day
    Horse: 2-4 tablespoons per day

    How do I dose it for dogs?
    1 pinch / Dog 0-10 kg
    0.5 teaspoon / Dog 10-20 kg
    0.5 - 1 teaspoon / Dog 20-40 kg
    1 - 2 teaspoons / Dog 40 kg+

    How long does Inflaboost DHA last?
    800 grams - 40 days*
    4 kg Refill bag - 200 days*
    *1 daily dose is calculated based on feeding 20 g/day
    1 tablespoon = 10 grams of feed.

    How do I feed Inflaboost DHA?
    Mix it in the food daily. Can be given as a course or preferably continuously with a maintenance dose. The feed has a fresh, fruity scent, mixed with other feed. Mix it preferably in Hövelers grain-free Pur.Mash which is very palatable and mixes easily. The product needs to be fed for at least 3-4 weeks to reach full effect. Always start with a smaller dose and slowly increase. You can mix the product in wet feed, it is recommended to mix the powder just before feeding so that the hard feed does not take up unnecessary flavor from the supplement.

    What is the shelf life of the product?
    The products we have in stock usually have between 1-2 years of shelf life remaining when sold. The product does not lose its effect after the jar has been opened, unlike other liquid Omega 3 supplements.
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