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Glow Duo Small in the group HORSE / Feedsupplements / Package solutions at Minerals by Nordic (DUO-001)
Glow Duo Small
Glow Duo Small
Glow Duo Small

Glow Duo Small

For well-being from the inside and out to the hair tips
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  • Information
  • The perfect package for good overall health, we want to highlight the combination of the Activ Mineral and Wheat germ oil and what fantastic properties they have in order to get the horse healthy inside and out. Many of our customers experience a fantastic glow in the coat of Activ Mineral, sometimes vitamins are lacking depending on what the other feeding state looks like and then the wheat germ oil is needed to take the horse's well-being to a new level. The vitamins also support the absorption of the important minerals in the Activ Mineral.

    Save the environment. Please make an active choice if you want us to send a feeding scoop to your supplement product, add the product "Scoop tbsp supplement" under accessories if you scroll down a bit on the page.
  • Composition
  • Dosage
  • Activ Mineral
    A-B pony: 0.5 tbsp
    C-D pony: 1 tbsp
    Horse maintenance: 1.5 tbsp
    Hard work horse: 2 tbsp

    Number of doses per pack
    1.5 kg - 50 days
    8 kg - 265 days

    * 1 daily dose is calculated as you feed 30 g / day = 1.5 tbsp
    Intake about 1 kg per month per horse if you feed 30 g / day (1.5 tbsp)

    Wheat germ oil
    Horse: 30ml / 400kg body weight
    Dog: 2.5 ml / 10 kg body weight

    Number of doses per pack
    1000 ml - 33 days

    * 1 daily dose on the front label is calculated to feed 30 ml / day to a horse of 400 kg.
  • More information
  • Activ Mineral
    Dolomite lime - contains, among other things, Calcium in proper relation to magnesium. Magnesium is needed, among other things, for enzymes in both the stomach and muscles to function. Calcium is needed for, among other things, proper skeletal growth.

    Top quality Seaweed meal - Ecologically certified Ascophyllum nodosum, always with analyzed results. The algae flour contains incredible amounts of minerals and trace elements. Algae flour is important for the immune system and for being able to better resist internal parasites. The biotin in the algal flour is very good for keeping hooves and fur in good condition.

    Sulfur - Rich in amino acids that help the stomach, among other things. Contains all 20 amino acids. Creatine, which is an important part of fur and hooves, there are large amounts of sulfur. It is also an important mineral for joints and tendons. The process of chelating takes place in the large intestine of the horse in collaboration with the sulfur, which makes the minerals easier to absorb and utilize.

    Wheat germ oil
    VITAMIN A - Important for fertility.

    VITAMIN D - Important for immune system & skeleton. Supports the utilization of calcium.

    VITAMIN E - Acts as an antioxidant & is important for contributing to a dandruff coat as well as good overall health. Supports the utilization of Selenium.

    OMEGA 3,6,9 - Essential fatty acids. Good for cell development & function of the brain and nervous system. Provides calm energy to the horse.

    Activ Mineral glow Klifton 1329

    Klifton 1329 - glowing by Activ Mineral & Wheat germ oil. Photograph: Peter Lindh


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