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Vilma Kollberg - Icelandic rider

Vilma Kollberg - Icelandic rider

"Seifur has become so willing to work!"
"I have tested Minerals by Nordic's new product Inflaboost DHA. Since Seifur started getting Inflaboost, he seems to feel so much better, on all levels! He is much more positive at work. He who is usually a little lazy now works with his whole body and WANTS work, unlike before when he just wanted to dodge all work and preferably did not leave the farm. His wind galls that previously came and went has become much smaller and less frequent, and he is very much more stable in both psyche, body and gaits He has got a completely different power in the step and is much more steady and balanced. And last but not least .. He thinks it's good. Seifur is the most discerning horse I have met. But this, mixed with Pur.Mash or alfalfa , slips down without problems! ", says Vilma Kollberg Icelandic horse rider.

Vilma Kollberg
Icelandic rider: Vilma Kollberg

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