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Jeanette Adler - Veterinary & EDO®

Jeanette Adler - Veterinary & EDO®

"The veterinarian & EDO® who recommend Minerals by Nordic"

“- I meet many different types of horses that use Minerals by Nordic's products. Those horses are always very nice in muscle, the coat and perform really well, says veterinarian Jeanette Adler.

”-I am very excited about Mineral by Nordic's mineral mix Activ Mineral. It is easy to feed and is a mixture of the most important minerals, trace elements and amino acids where the horse absorbs what it needs and then regulates the balance in the body itself. I like to feed with high quality ingredients without fillers, for the benefit of the whole horse system. My own horses are in really good mental and physical condition. Both the daughters' Shetland ponies, our breeding mares and the riding horses all eats the products. ”

Jeanette Adler is a veterinarian and osteopath who travels and treats horses in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway. Jeanette was originally trained as a veterinarian in 2009 and has worked as a veterinarian in Denmark and Scotland. In 2015, she also graduated as Equine Osteopath EDO® at "The Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy and Education", certified by IREO. * Since then, Jeanette has also worked as a teacher in the Osteopat education. Jeanette has for many years trained young horses and jumping horses and competed at the national level in jumping.

Jeanette Adler

* EDO® is a protected title that covers the "Equine Diplomate of Osteopathy", which guarantees the most comprehensive education and degree, of the highest standard, and continuous continuing education.

Veterinary & EDO®: Jeanette Adler