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Inflaboost DHA Sample in the group HORSE / Feedsupplements / Sample at Minerals by Nordic (DHA-PROV)
Inflaboost DHA Sample

Inflaboost DHA Sample

Sample of Inflaboost DHA - multifunctional anti-inflammatory DHA supplement
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  • Information
  • Sample bag with Inflaboost DHA 3 tablespoons about 60 grams.
    Great when you want to test if the horse eats it. The feed has a fresh and fruity scent. Some horses can be a bit critical while others eat it without problems from the first feeding. It may take some time for some horses to get used to it, so feel no stress but give it some time. You can try giving them together with something your horse likes, without deceiving them or giving them as it is. Start with a smaller dose like half a tablespoon and step up. Maybe the horse does not eat at one time but if you leave it there they will eat later. In most cases, it is no problem getting in the horse powder as it is such a small dose. We highly recommend mixing it in Hövelers Pur.Mash.
  • Composition
  • Dosage
  • Pony: 1-2 tbsp
    Horse: 2-4 tbsp
    Therapeutic dose may be higher than above.

    Number of doses per pack
    800 grams - 40 days
    3.5 kg - 175 days
    * 1 daily dose on the front label is calculated by feeding about 20 g/day

    1 tbsp = 10 grams of feed.
    0.11 grams of DHA / per gram of feed.
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