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DHA Boost - Dog supplement
DHA Boost - Dog Supplement

DHA Boost 350 gram

DHA supplements for dogs against inflammation, for increased learning ability and better joint function.
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  • Information
  • Vegan source of DHA. Improves brain function and increases learning ability. Works anti-inflammatory and is often recommended by a veterinarian for, for example, atros and joint problems such as supportive care. DHA Boost is produced from a pure, vegan algea that is micro-encapsulated to maintain nutrition in the best possible way, which extends its shelf life. The algea oil is iodine-free and has benifits for dogs in breeding to contribute to the normal development of the puppys.
  • Composition
  • Ingredients
    High concentrated fatty acids, microalgae Schizochyrium, calcium carbonate

    11% DHA
    1 tsp = 10 gram feed

    0,11 gram DHA / per gram feed
  • Dosage
  • 1 krm / Dog & cat 0-10 kg
    0.5 tsp / Dog 10-20 kg
    0.5 - 1 tsp / Dog 20-40 kg
    1 - 2 tsp / Dog 40 kg +

    Mixed in food daily

    11% DHA
    1 tsp = 10 gram feed

    0,11 gram DHA / per gram feed
  • More information
  • Did you know that...
    The reason why seafood contains Omega-3 fatty acids is that they feed on algae in the oceans or on small animals, which have algae as their food. However, not all algae are as rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Inflaboost DHA uses a microalga called Schizochy-trium. This microalgae, which is a natural seaweed that, under carefully controlled production method, produces an algae oil of the highest quality and purity.

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